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Entry #2

Eric sings Runaway!

2011-01-15 17:21:00 by SirFabulousDesk

I have uploaded a recording of my roommate Eric doing a kinda reggae version of Kanye West's Runaway, it's pretty cool xD. (click somewhere on this page to find it!) (Not yet because it needs approval or some other darn thing D: )

He's okay with me uploading this, expect more music from me and Eric because as soon as we find someone who can play guitar, we'll start a band. :D

If you're in the SF area and want to join up you can send me a PM or write it in your review here (I'd rather not give out my email, who knows what sickos are out there!! xD)

And here is a pic of Eric!

Eric sings Runaway!


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2011-01-15 17:47:08

aw dewd! don't do kayne west!

SirFabulousDesk responds:

it hasnt even shown up yet that darn validation process is still going ! >:(