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Hai NGer's! SirFabulousDesk here

2010-07-03 18:58:32 by SirFabulousDesk

Hi everybody! Chris Dalton here, finally getting an account after sooo long. My friend showed me this site and ever since then I've been in love (<3 NG). Tom Fulp is a visionary!! I enjoy everything about NG and the staff seem like really cool guys.

Just so you know who and what I am. I live in San Fransisco with my fried Eric and my dog, Gloria (she is freaking out of her mind for kibbles). I live in a crappy apartment near the bay but the view is good enough to suit me. My girlfriend, Susan, likes it too. I am waiting tables right now to pay my way through college and I meet a lot of interesting people, and I couldnt be happier.

Anywho, I am just sooo excited to learn from the best and work with other artists (if they don't mind) amd I am releasing a new animation soon about, well, you'll see. My animations, will rock your socks off and maybe even undress you. ;D

I am one of Egoraptor's biggest fans cuz you gotta love the Awesome, and Oney because he is just "awesome" as well. Next Comic Con I'll meet with em.


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2010-07-03 19:11:27

Pardon my french, but are you gay?

SirFabulousDesk responds:

I do have a girlfriend, Susan. I get that question a lot for some reason. Some people call me Kenny because of My Name is Earl.


2010-07-03 19:36:34

So he's not gay?

SirFabulousDesk responds:

Only when gay means happy X-D


2010-07-03 19:44:53

This person needs moar cock in his life. Welcome to Newgrounds. Stay for 5 more monthss and you shall be cleansed.

SirFabulousDesk responds:

I'm not a homosexual, however I view them as equals and therefore do not see it as an insult.


2010-07-03 19:45:51

So where's that desk?

Also why aren't you fab?

SirFabulousDesk responds:

The desk is right under my mouse and keyboard and I am without a doubt fabulous ;-)


2010-07-03 22:36:36

Welcome to Newgrounds. You should change your Aura to Fab.
It would only make sense.

SirFabulousDesk responds:



2010-07-03 23:16:19

Oops, well sorry. Anyway welcome to NG

SirFabulousDesk responds: